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Contributed Talks

You can now find the list of ICECCS 2012 accepted papers. The program and the scheduling of the presentations is still on progress.

  • Formal Analysis of Pervasive Computing Systems - Yan Liu, Xian Zhang, Yang Liu, Jun Sun, Jin Song Dong, Jit Biswas, Mounir Mokhtari.
  • Bridging the gap between user requirements and configuration requirements - Pietro Colombo, Pejman Salehi, Ferhat Khendek, Maria Toeroe.
  • Heterogeneous Aviation Safety Cases: Integrating the Formal and the Non-formal - Ewen Denney, Ganesh Pai, Josef Pohl.
  • Efficient Algorithms for T-Way Test Sequence Generation - Linbin Yu, Yu Lei, Raghu N. Kacker, D. Richard Kuhn, James Lawrence.
  • A timing language for specifying multi clock automotive systems : The Timing Augmented Description Laguage - Marie-Agnès Peraldi-Frati, Arda Goknil, Julien Deantoni, Johan Nordlander.
  • VPDSL: A DSL for Software in the Loop Simulations covering Material Flow - Istvan Nagy, Loek Cleophas, Mark Van Den Brand, Luc Engelen, Liviu Raulea, Ernest Xavier Lobo Mithun.
  • Self-Calibration: Enabling Self-management in Autonomous Systems by Preserving Model Fidelity - Fahad Javed, Malik Tahir Hassan, Khurum Nazir Junejo, Naveed Arshad, Asim Karim.
  • Reasoning about Adaptivity of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems - Graeme Smith, Jeff Sanders, Kirsten Winter.
  • A deep investigation for QoS-based Feedback at Design time and Runtime - Raffaela Mirandola, Catia Trubian.
  • A Design by Contract Approach to Verify Access Control Policies - Hakim Ferrier-Belhaouari, Pierre Konopacki, Régine Laleau, Marc Frappier.
  • Dhara: A Service Abstraction-Based OS Kernel Design Model - Dharanipragada Janakiram, Hemang Mehta, S J Balaji.
  • Improving hardware reuse through XML-based interface encapsulation - Miguel A. Sanchez, Marisa Lopez-Vallejo, Carlos A. Iglesias, Carlos A. Lopez-Barrio.
  • A case study in formal system engineering with SysML - Iulia Dragomir, David Lesens, Iulian Ober.
  • P/S-CoM+: a P/S-CoM Extension to Support Publish/Subscribe Behavioral Aspect - Ikbel Krichen, Imen Loulou, Hedi Dhouib, Ahmed Hadj Kacem.
  • Design Patterns for Rule-based Refinement of Safety Critical Embedded Systems Models - Fabien Cadoret, Etienne Borde, Sébastien Gardoll, Laurent Pautet.
  • Analysis of Use Case Requirements using SFTA and SFMEA Techniques - Saurabh Tiwari, Santosh Singh Rathore, Sudhanshu Gupta, Vaibhav Gogate, Atul Gupta.
  • Models and Methodology for Automated Business Continuity Analysis - Ulrich Winkler, Wasif Gilani, Alan Marshall, Alex Guitman.
  • Catastrophe Function-Based Control System with High Robust Stability Characteristics - Gulnara Abitova, Vladimir Nikulin, Mamirbek Beisenbi, Alya Ainagulova, Victor Skormin.
  • An experimental study on Collaborative Filtering for Requirements Engineering - Fabio Roda.
  • Non-Intrusive Repair of Reactive Programs - David Harel, Guy Katz, Assaf Marron, Gera Weiss.
  • Translating PDDL into CSP# - the PAT Approach - Yi Li, Jing Sun, Jin Song Dong, Yang Liu.
  • Performance Analysis of Data Gathering Protocol using PRISM - Kang He, Hongli Yang, Yachao Feng, Yuan Liu, Zongyan Qiu.
  • Merging UML2 composite structures of Software Product Lines - Takoua Ben Rhouma, Patrick Tessier, Francois Terrier.
  • SMURF: Supporting Multi-tenancy Using Re-Aspects Framework - Mohamed Almorsy, John Grundy, Amani S. Ibrahim.
  • xBIL - A Hardware Resource Oriented Binary Intermediate Language - Jianqi Shi, Huixing Fang, Longfei Zhu, Huibiao Zhu, Jian Guo.
  • Control Systems: Phenomena and Structuring Functional Requirement Documents - Sanaz Yeganefard, Michael Butler.
  • A Control Theoretic Approach for Workflow Management - Hashem Ali Ghazzawi, Iain Bate, Leandro Soares Indrusiak.
  • ORIENTAIS: Formal Verified OSEK/VDX Real-Time Operating System - Jianqi Shi, Huibiao Zhu, Jifeng He, Huixing Fang, Xiaoxian Zhang.
  • Parameter Synthesis for Hierarchical Concurrent Real-Time Systems - Étienne André, Jin-Song DONG, Yang LIU, Jun SUN.
  • Adaptive Majority-Based Re-Routing For Differentiated Reliability In Wireless Sensor Networks - Ali Naderi, Sayyed Majid Mazinani, Amin Zadeh Shirazi, Masood Setoodefar, Mahya Faghihnia.
  • An Energy-Efficient Real-Time Routing Protocol for Differntiated Data in Wireless Sensor Networks - Sayyed Majid Mazinani, Ali Naderi, Masood Setoodefar, Amin Zadeh Shirazi.
  • Spatio-Temporal UML profile for Cyber-Physical Systems - Ziwei Liu, Jing Liu, Jifeng He, Zuohua Ding.
  • Systematic Scenario-Based Analysis of UML Design Class models - Lijun Yu, Robert B. France, Indrakshi Ray, Wuliang Sun.
  • An Interaction-Driven Approach to Identifying Functional Behaviors of Service Robot Systems - Yongdo Cho, Hwangwook Kim, Dae-Kyoo Kim, Sooyong Park.
  • Self-explanation in Adaptive Systems - Nelly Bencomo, Kris Welsh, Pete Sawyer, Jon Whittle.
  • Extending and Evaluating Agent-based Models of Algorithmic Trading Strategies - Natalia Ponomareva,Anisoara Calinescu.
  • ViTAL : A Verification Tool for EAST-ADL Models using UPPAAL PORT - Eduard Paul Enoiu, Raluca Marinescu, Cristina Seceleanu, Paul Pettersson.